Piedmont is a land of mountains, surrounded on three sides by the rugged and imposing profiles of the Alps and Apennines. The Sestriere and Milky Way are very much appreciated ski centers. At the foot of the mountains the land opens into picturesque valleys. The landscape changes becoming a succession of fields and vineyards, dotted with villages and castles on the soft hills of the Langhe and Monferrato. Then, the territory flatten out again in the areas of Novara and Vercelli, dominated by rice fields. Lake Maggiore, with Stresa and the Borromean Islands, is a charming tourist destination.

Nonetheless, the region also offers an extraordinary wealth of history, culture, art and tradition, which is manifested through castles, abbeys, Savoy residences, secular fortifications, Sacred Mountains. It has been the center of gravity of the Kingdom of Italy, elected by the kings as a home for their families.

The capital is Turin, where the landscape is dominated by the Mole Antonelliana. It is an eclectic city, known for its museums, for the royal residences of the Savoy, and also for the presence of the Holy Shroud, one of the most precious relics in Christianity.

The gastronomic offer is huge. In the area of Alba the white truffle, extremely rare and expensive, grows naturally, and is accompanied in the traditional regional cuisine with the dish “bagna cauda”. Among the typical specialties is worth to mention cheeses, fondue, breadsticks, Vermouth and desserts like the chocolates “gianduiotti”, the hard biscuits “crumiri” or the soft cookies “lady’s kisses”.

Piedmont is also a land of excellence in viticulture, known worldwide for wines such as Barolo, Barbaresco, Nebbiolo, Gattinara, Grignolino, Barbera and Dolcetto.